Discovery Cooking is a lot of things, but it is first and foremost a publication — one that requires more than a bit of work. I spent most of my working life as a journalist in one capacity or another, which may explain why I approach the blog this way. Since the launch in June of 2014, the growth of the audience here has impressed me in several ways. Discovery Cooking isn’t a spectacular tech startup designed to make me a billionaire, but in a world where there are many millions of blogs and many thousands of food blogs, we’re doing pretty well, I think.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective place to advertise, would like to support what we’re doing, and our rather unique audience of foodies fits with your strategy, reach out to us and together we’ll create a program that meets your goals and ours.

Discovery Cooking‘s Audience

While it wasn’t launched with any target in mind, Discovery Cooking has attracted an audience that is predominately young, affluent males. In the 12 months that ended 12/31/16, we’re averaging 4,500 page views each month (155/day) and growing steadily (73% of our visits are first time visits). At the end of December 2016, the blog ranked in the top 400 American food blogs and the top 600 globally, according to our Alexa traffic ranking, and we continue to climb the charts.

Discovery Cooking’s readers are 64% male and 51% of them are under 35. As you might expect, Google Analytics reveals that our readers are mostly people who love food and cooking, but they’re also TV lovers, movie lovers, technophiles, news junkies & avid readers, shutterbugs, health & fitness buffs, and music lovers. In other words, they’re a marketer’s dream. This isn’t an accident. The blog is promoted actively through social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Imgur and Reddit, as well as through food-oriented sites like Recipleaser, Food Gawker and Taste Spotting. Our content is written to appeal to this audience. It’s lean, straightforward, no-frills. The recipes are a mix of new and traditional fare, usually with a twist. We emphasize farm-to-table cooking from scratch, using whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible. Recipes range from quick and simple to complex, and we watch and incorporate those trends (like affordable home sous vide) that make sense in the context of our audience and mission. New content is added, on average, three times per week, and all of it is original.

Discovery Cooking Demographics

Discovery Cooking Demographics



Advertising Options

Advertising options are limited to leader board banners, side bar ads of various sizes and in-content positions. All ads are run of site. Positions can be exclusive or in rotation with other advertisements. Given our audience and our growth curve, we will not accept advertising deemed by us to be overly intrusive, including, but not limited to, ads that cover content or ads that temporarily block access to content. Except for ads provided by third-party networks (which we cannot control), Discovery Cooking does not accept advertising for firearms and related items, dietary supplements, political causes or candidates, or adult-only content. We reserve the right to decline any advertising we find inappropriate or offensive, at our sole discretion.


Discovery Cooking will consider sponsored content on the blog, provided the content and the product are consistent with our content strategy and the needs/interests of our audience. All sponsored content will be identified as such. 

Recipe Development

Discovery Cooking welcomes recipe development projects, either for specific food and equipment products or for foods produced in specific geographic locations. Recipes developed in this way will be considered joint property of the sponsor and the blog and will be identified on the blog as sponsored projects.

For information about any of these projects, contact us here.