Carol’s Bedeviled Eggs

deviled eggs

This recipe takes advantage of two discoveries made in our neck of the woods. The first discovery was the best deviled egg we’d ever had – from a restaurant called Jackson’s in our home town of Reston, Virginia. Try as I might, there was something about this deviled egg that I couldn’t replicate – until I made another discovery in the seaside town of Lewes, Delaware.

There on the shelf of a gourmet shop run by a chatty British expat, was a bottle of something I had never seen before: Heinz Salad Cream. Despite Heinz being an American brand, the shopkeep explained, “They make this dressing for Britain and we import it here. Try it.” At nearly $7.00, it was a pricey experiment. And well worth it. One taste, and it seemed possible to approximate Jackson’s deviled eggs, even without knowing their secret ingredients.

Fortunately, it wasn’t necessary to drive two hours back to Lewes to buy more Heinz Salad Cream the next time we wanted deviled eggs. It has since popped up on the shelves of Wegman’s and World Market.

As with most home concoctions, this is a very forgiving recipe. Feel free to adapt and substitute to your heart’s content. Just don’t forget the Heinz!

12 hard-boiled eggs
4 strips bacon candy
¾ c Heinz Salad Cream
1 tsp yellow mustard
2 tsp minced onion
1 tsp pickled onion
1 Tbsp. minced pickled cucumber
½ Tbsp. pickled cucumber juice
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
Pinch of salt, to taste

Cover the eggs with water and boil until hard, about 12 minutes. Plunge the eggs into ice water to cool. For easy cracking, tap one end of the egg against the counter and peel a bit of shell off the top. Tap the other end of the egg on the counter and repeat the process. Turn the egg on its side and peel off a small seam of shell between the two ends of the egg. Turning the egg upright, it should look as if you’ve unbuttoned its jacket. Now you can peel the shell off to the side in one easy movement.

Halve the eggs lengthwise, and pop the hardened yokes into a small bowl. Mash the yokes with a fork, and mix in the Heinz Salad Cream, mustard, onions, and pickled cucumber. Add the apple cider vinegar and up to ½ TB pickled cucumber juice to get the taste and consistency you desire. Add salt to taste.

Crumble one piece of the candied bacon into the mixture and combine. Spoon the filling into the eggs. If you don’t have a fancy deviled egg platter like the one in the picture, my step-daughter Amy offers an ingenious alternative. She cuts her eggs in half across the middle, instead of lengthwise, and puts the halves back in the empty egg carton. A definite conversation piece – plus, no dirty dish!

Decorate the eggs with thin strips of candied bacon and a pecan half.


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