Duck Breast Appetizer

duick breast appetizer

The inspiration for this appetizer — as is often the case — was that I found myself preparing dinner for three and in possession of only two lovely D’Artagnan duck breasts. At my table, at least, part of a duck breast would never make it as an entrĂ©e, so the only solution was to turn the duck into a smallish first course and do something complementary for the main show.

With an appetizer, I want something unusual and eye-catching, so I ransacked the kitchen to come of with a workable combination that had some dazzle. I found a ripe mango, some mission figs, a sweet onion and a bottle of Basiks coconut-infused white balsamic vinegar.

The vinegar is key. It melds all the sweet, tart and meaty flavors into something truly spectacular. If you can find a high-quality substitute (or infuse you’re own white balsamic), great. If not, the folks at Basiks will surely help you out. (I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but as a customer).

Here’s how to do this appetizer:

Duck Breast with Mango, Fig and Coconut Balsamic Vinegar

Duck Breast with Mango, Fig and Coconut Balsamic Vinegar


2 duck breasts (skin on)

1 medium sweet onion, slced thinly

3-4 sweet ripe figs

1 mango

Coconut flavored balsamic vinegar (or similar)


    Halve the figs

    Peel and slice the mango away from the nut and cut into presentation-size pieces

    Score the skin side of the duck breasts in a checkerboard pattern and place skin side down in a preheated cast iron pan. When the skin is nice and brown, turn once and cook for another 2-3 mintes for medium rare. Set aside on a warm plate.

    The pan which should now have a nice coating of duck fat, caramelize the onions until they're a deep brown.

    To plate the dish, slice the duck breast and distribute venely among 3-4 plates, mound some caramelized onions on each. Add mango slices and fig, the drizzle each with a generous amount of balsamic vinegar.


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