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Good cooking books, as opposed to recipe books, are an essential part of our kitchen. They’re generally more about cooking techniques and how those techniques produce the dishes we love. When I’m in a mood to be creative, or encounter an ingredient we’re unsure about, or want to match a classic technique, these are where I go.






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  1. Tom Goldsmith
    December 23, 2016

    Thank you so much. I believe that recipe (or the beginning of it) came from Tunisia and someone had translated to English. It’s probably one of the best couscous I’ve ever found.

  2. Eileen Lee
    December 23, 2016

    Here goes with a vigorous pat on the back. Lovely blog with excellent recipes, good writing and super photos. I am especially impressed with the Tunisian couscous. It is very authentic. More savory than the more popular Moroccan couscous. I got married and learned to cook in Tunisia in the 60’s. Your recipe is how the Tunisian women taught me to make couscous. I do not think I have found the true Tunisian version on the net in English. Tunisian sites will have it in French. Tunisia live site does have it, but they credit it to you. Bravo!

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