HPIM0898This blog is about a journey I hope we can share. The goal is to travel from a love of great food and great wine to the ability to have an amazing culinary experience at our own table — one that’s healthy and economical. And most of all, it’s about the discoveries we’ll make along the way.

I’ve always thought that the main difference between the meals we serve at home and those we pay handsomely to enjoy in a fine restaurant comes down to good ingredients and the skill and imagination of the person cooking the meal. I’ve never thought that was beyond my reach — or yours.

This blog isn’t just a collection of recipes. Whenever possible I’ll focus on technique and presentation along with ingredients and preparation. Above all, I’ll focus on variety — many cuisines, many styles for many situations. I want each dish or meal presented here to be a sort of lesson. Some will be cooking lessons, of course, but others will be history lessons, geography lessons or even literary lessons (I am a writer, after all).

If you’re interested in “healthy” cooking and recipes as a focus, this isn’t the place for you and there are many, many sites where you can find vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free recipes and the like. Personally, I think that (allergies excepted) all food that’s prepared from local, whole, non-processed ingredients is healthy, so long as there is balance. The bonus is that local whole foods, in season, are generally a pretty good buy.

The recipes here will be original, unless credit is given. That said, I doubt there is any recipe that is truly original. People have been cooking for tens of thousands of years, and there aren’t many truly new ingredients, so it’s unlikely that any recipe hasn’t been made previously by someone else. Like most good cooks, I get inspiration from many places and read a lot of recipes in the course of writing this blog. I usually try to take the best ideas from the best sources and mash them together in ways I’ve never experienced. Here at Discovery Cooking that’s my working definition of original. Similarities to recipes you may see elsewhere are inevitable and incidental.

I’m fortunate to live in a place where a wide variety of fresh foods are available and an amazing number of them are available from local sources. You’ll see a lot of them here. I will occasionally use prepared/processed items when it’s not possible or practical to make my own. For example, I try to have supplies of homemade stock on hand, but if I need only half a cup and I don’t have a supply in the fridge, I’ll gladly use commercially prepared stock.

There are brands that I trust and use regularly. I won’t be bashful about letting you know about them. I am willing to accept compensation (and advertising) for making you aware of these trusted brands and endorsing them. But I will not promote something I don’t use and trust, and if something happens to change my mind about a brand, I’ll make sure you know that, too.

The photos here are my own. I’m not a food stylist, nor am I a professional photographer, so bear with me on that. I’ll do my best and get better.

Finally, a great blog is an interactive experience. I encourage you to join in, talk to me, comment, complain, pat me on the back. I’ll welcome all of it.


  1. Tom Goldsmith
    September 3, 2014

    Thanks. I’ll take a look.

  2. Christina Goldsmith
    September 3, 2014

    Hi Tom,

    My father in law’s name is Tom Goldsmith so I was naturally inclined to reach out to you after seeing one of your recipes on FB’s “Food Bloggers” page. 😉 It looked delicious so I wanted to invite you to our summer recipe link up hosted by myself and my blogging partner of Posh Pair, and another life and style blogger of Design Life Diaries. If you’ve never linked up before, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your recipes and get in front of a lot of other bloggers and a whole new audience. All you have to do is post a link to your favorite summer recipe here – http://www.poshpair.com/get-cookin/life-style-link-summer-favorite-recipes. It takes 30 seconds. There is also more info on how you’ll have a chance to be featured on our blogs next week. Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see you there!


  3. Tom Goldsmith
    June 14, 2014

    Thanks. It’s a work in progress, but starting to get some traction.

  4. Carol Chausse
    June 14, 2014

    Your meal are gorgeous…so nicely presented and delicious, I’m sure.

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