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It’s Labor Day weekend, which means a short week, traveling and family for the Discovery Cooking crew. With all that, we’re still thinking about the upcoming week. Summer is winding  down and we’re starting to think about fall and fall dishes as well as making use of the remaining farm market bounty. So here’s what we’re looking forward to, starting on Tuesday:

Ragout de Veau

ragout de veauNothing says fall like a hearty stew. This one is a twist on the basic beef stew we all know and love, using veal shoulder and veal stock as the base and ramping up the garlic and onions to give it a Mediterranean flair. The fancy name doesn’t disguise the fact that this is a one-dish meat and potatoes kind of meal.

Asparagus Brie Risotto

asparagus brie risottoGood creamy risotto is not difficult to make. It does take a bit of time and care, but the results can be very much worth it. This recipe takes the idea of classic Italian creamy risotto to the next level, by adding in fresh asparagus and some brie cheese.

Chicken With Fried Sage and Lemon

chicken-lemon-sageThis is the time of year when the little mini herb garden on my deck is getting a bit overgrown, and among other things, yields sage leaves about the size of my palm. So it’s time to roll out the Chicken with Sage that combines the earthy fragrant sage with the sparkle of fresh lemon juice and some tender juicy chicken breasts.


Shrimp Étouffée

shrimp etouffeeHave I mentioned that I REALLY like the cuisine of New Orleans and the surrounding area? OK, enough of that. Still, an étouffée is something special, in that it takes basic cajun/creole cooking and turns it into a seafood wonder. Shrimp étouffée may not be as classic as the traditional crawfish étouffée, but it’s easier to find ingredients for and believe me, is every bit as tasty.

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